Simulation Driven Design for Efficient Electric Machines

Introducing FluxMotor™ 

Presented by:

Sylvain Perez - Technical Specialist, EM Solutions, Altair Engineering France


This webinar was presented on Tuesday 13 June 2017

The electric motor design process can be long and tedious - from pre-design and final validation, through to multi-physic and advanced thermal analysis or drive and control management. Modern design tools enable the quick evaluation and comparison of the technical and economic potential of the machine, starting from specs through to a predefined series of tests.

Watch this webinar and discover how FluxMotor can radically change the way machines can be designed.  From the first stages of being able to use standard or customized parts, to the easy addition of windings, see how quickly materials can be attributed before computing the performance.

Far from the more complex finite element environment – which can also be addressed for more advanced studies with a simple coupling to Flux 2D & 3D and Altair multiphysics solutions – this efficient working environment addresses a broad range of users from designers and manufacturers to integrators, maintenance and training staff.






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