Food Processing and Packaging Industry Webinar Series

Optimize Processes and Operational Efficiency

The food and packaging industry faces numerous challenges. Companies need to maintain a competitive edge, continuously innovate to meet consumer demands, and ensure high product quality, while maintaining cost efficiency. This webinar series will enable engineers and scientists to learn how to use simulation to solve these challenges, shorten the product design cycle, optimize processes, and improve operational efficiency.

Food Processing EDEM Image.

Optimize Food Industry Processes with DEM Simulation

Join this webinar to learn about Altair EDEM, a Discrete Element Method (DEM) software for granular material simulation. By using EDEM, a wide range of foods can be modelled and simulated, including dairy and food powders, grains, spices, and any other granular food product. When modelling your material and process with EDEM, the equipment design or operational parameters can be optimized in a cost-effective way. Renan Cardoso Calmon, Application Engineer, will cover new relevant features in EDEM for the food industry, the possibilities of using EDEM with AcuSolve for DEM-CFD simulations, and the exciting possibilities of ROM AI.

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Multiphysics Solutions for the Packaging Industry

This session aims to help packaging companies improve their product design and shorten the design cycle by performing simulations for several applications. Performing simulation is a significant step to predict failure for various real-world conditions. Viraj Kulkarni, Technical Manager, will focus on how to implement various solutions involving multiphysics and discuss IoT/Digital Twin for connecting products and processes.

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DEM Simulation of Flow Characteristics of Digital Flavor Encapsulation Particles

In this application study we apply Discrete Element Methodology modeling to simulate the flow and mixing behavior of spherical particles to simulate the processing of these flavor products. 

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