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Future Says... Autonomous Operations

Vanessa Eriksson, SVP, Chief Digital Officer, Zenseact


Every year, over one million people are killed in traffic accidents. It’s a staggering statistic, and particularly so since the single biggest cause of these deaths is human error.

One of the best arguments for perfecting and commercializing autonomous vehicles is that it’ll save lives, but doing so is anything but straightforward as we find out in episode 3 of Future Says Series 2. During this interview, our host Sean Lang and Vanessa Eriksson, SVP, Chief Digital Officer at Zenseact, discuss the challenges and opportunities associated with the development of autonomous vehicles.

Tune into this episode to find out:

  • Why there is a dichotomy of needing more data, but also needing less data when working on a data-driven project
  • Why working with data does not necessarily equate to having a data mindset
  • The importance of a modern data governance strategy to accelerate innovation
  • The evolving concepts of swarm learning and federated learning in the drive to develop autonomous vehicles
  • How her team is using birds to determine traffic patterns

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