Future Says Series 2. Altair Data Analytics & AI.

Future Says... Embracing the Convergence of HPC & AI in the Cloud

Bill Magro, Chief Technologist, High Performance Computing, Google


HPC has traditionally been thought of as a tool for the few and not the many. However, with the convergence of HPC, The Cloud and AI we are seeing a move toward the democratization of these technologies, particularly with the potential of utilizing hybrid work environments with a combination of The Cloud and on-premise technologies.

Future Says Episode 4 sees us joined by Google Chief Technologist for HPC, Bill Magro, as we explore the growth and accessibility of HPC as well as the environmental issues related to these technologies.

Tune into this episode to find out:

  • Why issues around trust and security initially inhibited organizations from adopting cloud technologies and why this has changed
  • How the convergence of HPC, The Cloud and AI are fueling innovations, such as autonomous vehicles
  • Why Google sees a future that is hybrid Cloud and multi-Cloud
  • How to implement cost controls when utilizing HPC by knowing what you want and mapping out workloads
  • The environmental issues relating to HPC and The Cloud and how to solve them

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