AI Business Model Innovation | Future Says Series

Girish Agarwal, Chief Information & Digital Officer, Piab


Join our host Sean Lang and guest Girish Agarwal, Chief Information & Digital Officer, Piab as they delve into the topic of AI business model innovation.

Despite the global impact of Covid-19, AI investments have been largely unchanged since the start of the pandemic. However, companies are not yet seeing the ROI’s that AI has promised to deliver. This difference shows that business models will need to change, and these innovations will continue to play a key role in the future success of AI projects. 

During this episode, we discuss:

  • Why organizations need to take a step back and re-define their structure and business models to fully exploit AI’s potential value
  • Why cross-organizational communication, collaboration and centralized co-ordination of AI initiatives are essential to ensure success
  • Why leaders must be willing to challenge the status quo

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