Altair Technology Conference 2020

The Future Of....

October 5 - 7, 2020 I Virtual Global Event

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Whether an engineer or designer or IT director or data scientist, there’s an explorer in each of us. At the intersection where simulation, HPC / Cloud, and data analytics converge, join us October 5 – 7 for the 12th Annual Global Altair Technology Conference, where we will bring together the brightest minds around the world to share breakthrough digital discoveries and industry-first innovations, all while continuing to explore solutions for a smarter, more connected world.

What’s different this year? Our location and theme. A virtual event, our focus is bringing technologies, ideas and products forward… Only Forward. Our theme? The Future of ....

Join us as we explore the convergence between simulation, HPC and data analytics. Featuring a dynamic mix of best-in-class keynotes, panels and technical sessions, you will connect and learn on the latest trends influencing your industry, as well as the world around us. Don’t miss the opportunity to be inspired and help shape the future.

Our Agenda

Don’t miss Day One. Fast paced and exciting, we will explore “The Future of ...” theme with thought-provoking and one-of-a-kind keynotes. Panel discussions will also cover a wide range of topics with different viewpoints. Trust us when we say that you don’t want to miss this.

Geek out on Day Two, as we double down on our theme “The Future of...” and focus on critical trends impacting our world:

  • Transforming Healthcare and Our Well-being
  • Cleaner, Faster and Safer Mobility
  • Decision-making Driven by Technology
  • Work and Life: Connected and Augmented

Day Three is all about academic inspiration. Structured with your inner student in mind, hear inspirational keynotes from industry leaders, as well as panel discussions focused on the future of learning, particularly in “the new normal.”

But it’s not over yet! After each session, get your questions answered by those same keynotes and panelists that you were inspired by in our chat rooms. 

Discover continuously. Advance infinitely. #OnlyForward



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