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Managing High Performance Computing (HPC) servers is not an easy task, and the addition of Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) often presents even more complexity to the configuration. As such, it’s typical for organizations to turn to optimization tools to boost the performance of this computational accelerators like GPUs.

Case in point is the Information Technology Center, the oldest academic supercomputing center in Japan, at the University of Tokyo. To meet its growing demand for executing biology, biomechanics, biochemistry, and deep learning applications, the site invested in in NVIDIA® Tesla® P100 GPUs to increase utilization and productivity.

Watch the webinar recording to learn how Altair in conjunction with NVIDIA collaborated to provide the University of Tokyo with a solution that effectively monitors its GPU use and provides enhanced workload power management capabilities within Altair PBS Professional™.


Key Take-Aways:

  • Altair PBS Works and NVIDIA DCGM integration – a use case for improving GPU utilization and fostering creativity for future integrations with PBS Professional.  
  • Using NVIDIA DCGM with PBS Professional to effectively manage your HPC resources 
  • Understanding preventative maintenance and its impact on your super-computing environment
  • Predicting GPU usage and performance for future planning 


Who Should Attend?
If you’re a site or system administrator responsible for the health of GPUs and the overall performance of your HPC environments we highly encourage you to attend this session.

If GPUs are not yet part of your HPC environment but you’re considering future implementation, come learn best practices to ensuring a highly optimized usage of GPUs. We're pleased to have presenters from NVIDIA and Altair to represent our both organizations. 


Presenter Details:


PramodR_HeadShot Pramod Ramarao is a product manager for accelerated computing at NVIDIA. He leads product management for the CUDA platform and data center software, including container technologies.

Scott Suchtya


Scott Suchyta is the Director of Partner Solutions and Integration at Altair Engineering, Inc. He is responsible for managing the technical relationships with Altair PBS Works division’s hardware and software partners. Scott supports partners’ pre/post-sales engagements, helps resolve technical issues, ensures roadmap alignment, and participates in technical marketing activities. Additionally, he identifies and drives integration opportunities with partners’ products that result in differentiated joint solutions. Scott is a ~20 year veteran at Altair having previous worked as the PBS Works product manager responsible for PBS Professional, PBS Application Services, and PBS Portal products. Scott started his career in Altair's PBS Works division as an application engineer implementing custom solutions using PBS Professional. 







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