Global-Local Workflows and High-Fidelity Stress Analysis for a Wing Flap Hinge Fitting

Presented by: Brent Lancaster, Principal Support Engineer, ESRD 
Thierry Bernard, 
Multi-Disciplinary Engineering & Optimization Senior Consultant, Multi-Body & Systems Dynamics Expert, Altair

StressCheck by APA partner ESRD is the preferred tool within the A&D industry for high-fidelity stress analysis in support of global-local analysis workflows associated with aerostructure design. StressCheck is unique in that it provides live dynamic extraction of computed results at any location in the model, regardless of the mesh, and of a known accuracy.

In this webinar, we will analyze a part from Altair’s Aero Wing concept, the flap hinge fitting, and perform a global-local case study to provide confidence in its optimized design. This global-local workflow process may then be repeated for any other component of interest within the Aero Wing structural assembly.

Webinar Outline
Altair A&D Industry Use Case: Aero Wing concept demonstrator.

  • Multi-physics simulations to demonstrate Altair analysis capabilities.
  • Structural analysis results support optimization requirements, but a high-fidelity stress analysis may be needed to reinforce confidence in the design.
  • Flap hinge fitting is of greatest interest for the current design stage.
Altair + StressCheck Global-Local WorkFlow Process: Flap mechanism kinematic simulation structural results mapped to a flap hinge fitting high-fidelity StressCheck analysis.
  • Global forces are output from an Altair structural analysis (via Optistruct & MotionSolve) of the flap mechanism’s hinge fitting for a given design stage, load case and mesh.
  • Multiple load cases and configurations may be of interest to support the design.
  • Load case data, along with a feature-rich CAD model of the hinge fitting detail, is formatted and imported into StressCheck and applied to the CAD model boundaries for computation of local stresses in critical regions.
  • Hinge fitting stress analysis results backed up and verified by live, dynamically extracted convergence evidence to provide confidence in the optimized design.

Who Should Attend?
Structural Engineers, Stress Analysts, Design Engineers, Engineering Group Managers who are responsible for the performance and quality of structural strength, stress, fatigue, and damage tolerant analysis.


Altair’s Aero Wing Model Concept Demonstrator


Zoom of Flap Mechanism Detailed CAD Assembly


StressCheck High-Fidelity Stress Analysis of the Flap Hinge Fitting with Convergence Evidence


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