HPC Anywhere With Altair Access™

In today’s world, staying connected is more important than ever. So is accessing the compute resources you need to keep discovery moving forward, even when you’re working from home.

Altair Access is a simple, powerful, and consistent interface for remote visualization and submitting and monitoring HPC jobs on remote clusters, clouds, and other resources — from anywhere and on any device.

Optimized for a Remote Workforce

The all-new Access 2020 makes HPC ubiquitous. Get powerful submission, visualization, and editing power on desktop, web and mobile, even if your HPC infrastructure is miles away:

Remote Visualization

  • Connect anywhere, anytime with platform-independent web-based viewer
  • Ultra-high-performance with WAN optimizations for any internet speed
  • Higher overall frame rates
  • Higher resolution support
  • Truer color for key applications like oil and gas

Remote Job Submission & Monitoring

  • Access anywhere from web, desktop, and mobile
  • Single-step application-aware job submission
  • Job monitoring and results analysis

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