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May 11 - 12, 2021 I Virtual Global Event

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Are You Ready for Multi-dimensional HPC?

At this year's Altair’s HPC Summit, experts managing and leveraging some of the world's leading HPC systems will share how they're expanding beyond just job and CPU scheduling, accounting for all new dimensions like hybrid and cloud resources, GPUs, software and I/O performance, and how their teams are tapping new trends in machine learning and artificial intelligence to optimize for both time and cost to solution.

Many of our speakers will be available for live Q&A, plus attendees will be eligible to win one of our gift card giveaways. With prizes totaling $2,000 for attendees - you won't want to miss it!

Driving the Future of HPC Convergence 

While software, data, and HPC solutions are converging on infrastructures across the globe, in many ways the workloads teams are tasked with supporting are more specialized than ever – requiring different tools, different throughput demands, and various levels of end-user expertise. 

Presentations will highlight the product or solution innovations made possible by HPC, lifting the hood to share what’s unique or challenging about their workloads, tools, and infrastructure.

Join for Sessions On:

  • I/O profiling  
  • Cloud/hybrid cloud   
  • License management and optimization  
  • Converged HPC job scheduling  
  • ML/AI   
  • …and more! 

Agenda Information

The Altair HPC Summit will feature two half-days of content on May 11th and 12thlaunching live at separate kickoff times for both EST and CET/IST.

At both sessions, both live and on-demand content will be available for attendees to explore and many of our presenters will be available for live Q&A.


Provisional agenda, subject to change.

Wednesday May 11




10:00 AM (Paris)
10:00 AM (New York)

Welcome and Opening Remarks Day One

10:10 AM (Paris)
10:10 AM (New York)

Altair Keynote 
James R. Scapa, Founder Chairman & CEO, Altair

10:30 AM (Paris)
10:30 AM (New York)

Intel Keynote 

11:00 AM (Paris)
11:00 AM (New York)

Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One Team, On and Off the Track, Every Second Counts: the Critical Role of HPC Optimization 
Laurence Sawbridge-Praties, HPC Engineer

11:30 AM (Paris)
11:30 AM (New York)

Oracle Keynote 

12:00 PM (Paris)
12:00 PM (New York)

NCAR, Job Scheduling on NCAR’s Next-generation Supercomputer
Irfan Elahi, Brian Vanderwende, John Blass

12:30 PM (Paris)
12:30 PM (New York)

Breakout Sessions | Networking 

Thursday May 12




10:00 AM (Paris)
10:00 AM (New York)

Welcome to Day 2

10:10 AM (Paris)
10:10 AM (New York)

Cloud Panel, AI Takes to the Clouds

10:40 AM (Paris)
10:40 AM (New York)

Hyperion Research, HPC Industry Briefing: HPC Summit Exclusive

11:10 AM (Paris)
11:10 AM (New York)

Technical Presentation: TBC

11:30 AM (Paris)
11:30 AM (New York)

American Axle, Driving Efficiency with High-performance Computing
Sandya Shankar, Senior Manager Product Engineering Systems

12:00 PM (Paris)
12:00 PM (New York)

National Institute for Aviation Research (NIAR) and Oracle

12:30 PM (Paris)
12:30 PM (New York)

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