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HyperWorks for Aerospace: Results Visualization & Interrogation 

Aerospace Engineers spend a vast amount of time in post-processing and interrogating results for report generation and certification. View this webinar on-demand now to learn how you can use HyperWorks 14.0 to increase the efficiency for these daily tasks. 


HyperWorks for Aerospace: Model Build

HyperMesh 14.0 enables Aerospace engineers to build models coherently from concept models to global loads models and then to detailed FE models (GFEM to DFEM) based on a common CAE Master Model Organization. The structure can be shared easily with PLM, PDM or CAD systems. The master model approach allows for individual work groups to work on sub-assemblies. These can later be merged into the global master model. Configuration management can be used to derive model variants from the same model. View this webinar on-demand now to see an overview of HyperMesh 14.0 and demos, including all the latest functionality of the 14.0.120 release.


HyperWorks for Aerospace: Structural Solvers

Structural analysis and optimization are a key parts of the design and development process in the aerospace industry. Altair’s OptiStruct, an industry proven structural analysis solver for both linear and nonlinear problems, and a market leader for structural design optimization, can be adapted early in the design process and continued to be used throughout the design process to generate, analyze and validate innovative, lightweight and structurally efficient designs. This webinar will show recent advancements on the structural analysis and optimization side in HyperWorks for the aerospace industry.


HyperWorks for Aerospace: Electromagnetics 

This webinar will give an overview and update on the EM simulation solutions in HyperWorks for the aerospace industry and its segments covering applications and real use cases from antenna design and placement, EMC, RCS and wave propagation to electric machines, actuators and sensors and high power equipment.