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Presented by: Fatma Koçer, Business Development Director, Design Exploration and Optimization & Robert Walsh, VP of Business Development, Cloud and HPC


HyperStudy is a software for engineers and designers to explore, study and optimize their designs. Using design-of-experiments, metamodeling and optimization methods HyperStudy creates intelligent design variants, manages runs, and collects data. Users are then guided to understand data trends, perform trade-off studies and optimize design performance and reliability. HyperStudy’s intuitive user interface combined with its seamless integration to HyperWorks makes design exploration technology accessible to non-experts. HyperStudy 14.0 provides several exciting new features that enable users to explore designs more thoroughly and efficiently than ever before.

The benefit of design exploration and optimization is understood and accepted by engineers but the required intensive computational resources have been a challenge for their adoption into the design process. The HyperWorks Unlimited (HWUL) appliance compliments HyperStudy by providing an effective solution to these challenges as it seamlessly connects all the necessary tools together in the cloud for practical, robust and flexible design exploration.

Join this webinar to learn more about design exploration and optimization using Altair HyperStudy in the Cloud.

*This session was presented on April 12, 2016 at 9AM EDT.  



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