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Presented by: Nirmal Subbaiah, Business Development Manager, SimLab

Stuart Sampson, Vice President of Modeling & Visualization Program Management


SimLab 14.0 significantly improves the user experience to solve complex engineering problems. This was achieved by transitioning to Altair’s next generation product framework.

HyperWorks 14.0 includes many new and enhanced features to streamline the meshing process. A new browser-based workflow for meshing has been implemented in HyperMesh 14.0.  Mesh controls allow for the definition of formal, centralized, reusable meshing scenarios.

The new high-velocity graphics engine is tuned to handle even the largest models, HyperMesh 14.0’s performance is up to 15x faster for large FE models with solid elements and up to 60x faster for geometry models, while using less hardware memory.

Various geometry and handling updates and new functionality for solver interfaces round off this release.

Join us for this complimentary session to learn how to save time in your FE meshing process by applying these and other new features introduced in HyperWorks 14.

*This session was presented on Tuesday, April 5, 2016 at 9AM EDT. 


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