Launch Event: Experience The Future of Altair HyperWorks

21st March, 2023 | British Motor Museum, Gaydon, UK

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In business, you must evolve to stay relevant, innovative, and competitive. We’ve been evolving our Simulation solutions for decades, and our next generation of HyperWorks offers advanced capabilities to solve engineering challenges for the next 30+ years.

Based on a modernised architecture, the new HyperWorks Experience introduces a new interface and optimised workflows which offer users reductions in modelling and visualisation time anywhere from 15% - 70%, with reductions in click count by factors of 2 to 10, or even more.

A Must Attend Event for All HyperWorks Users

This free to attend event, hosted at the British Motor Museum in Gaydon, is a must-attend session for all design teams using or considering HyperWorks modelling and visualisation solutions. The event will provide insight into the rationale and vision behind the enhancements, comparisons and demonstrations of the new interface and workflows, and practical advice on how to implement the improvements into your own processes. 

With time dedicated to open discussion and Q&A with our local technical specialists and senior members of Altair’s product leadership team, do not miss this opportunity to see how the new HyperWorks Experience will benefit your design processes and prepare your team ahead of release in Q3 2023.

Offer for All On-Site Attendees

Attend the event in person and receive either: 

  • Free Training - guiding you through the new interface and highlighting productivity improvements  within New HyperWorks Experience
  • On-site Visit - from a local technical support specialist, allowing you to ask questions and get advice in your own environment and with your own models and workflows

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09:30 Welcome and Introduction
  Keynote Session: Chaired by Dr. Baljesh Mehmi, Sales Director, Altair

Next Generation User Experience with HyperWorks 
Michael Dambach, Senior Vice President, HyperWorks

Michael will present the motivation and vision behind the development of the New HyperWorks Experience, highlighting major enhancements to streamline the modelling and visualisation process.


Evolution of Model Build at Jaguar Land Rover
Dr. Darren Ashby, CAE Group Leader
Jaguar Land Rover

A continuation of Dr. Ashby’s 2021 presentation on the evolution of model build at Jaguar Land Rover, this presentation will give insight into the direction of finite element modelling, new technologies enabling further productivity gains and experiences with the new HyperWorks interface.

  Technical and Live Demonstration Session I


Visualisation and Interrogation
Steve White, Technical Support Manager

Learn how HyperWorks gives users the ability to explore more physics, more easily. See the brand-new user interface in action, with intuitive tools, process-oriented workflows, and flexible selection methods.


CAD, Sketch and 1D
Chris Sambell, Applications Engineer

Experience new workflows in HyperWorks that give users access to parametric sketching, live CAD update, and powerful 1D modelling tools to generate, modify, and update beam and truss structures quickly.

11:15 Break and Technical Q&A
  Technical and Live Demonstration Session II

2D Geometry and Meshing
Rahul Rajan, Applications Engineer

Learn how HyperWorks builds upon its industry leading geometry and meshing tools for 2D structures. Discover purpose-built workflows for mid-surface creation, geometry editing, mesh generation and optimisation, and direct mid-meshing.


Design Changes
Dr. Richard Boyd, Technical Specialist

See how dedicated workflows gives users the opportunity to quickly and easily impose direct design changes such as replication of features, addition/removal of holes, and the ability to rebuild mesh for differing size and quality requirements.

12:35  Lunch, Networking and Technical Q&A
  Technical and Live Demonstration Session III

3D Geometry and Meshing
Roland Jones, Applications Engineer

Witness new intuitive clean up tools created for 3D geometry. All holes, fillets, and logos are identified for easy Tetra, Hexa and Voxel mesh creations. From the Feature Manager tool to the editing and partitioning of solids, these tools help create robust feature-based 3D meshes.


Dr. Richard Boyd, Technical Specialist

Experience the new morphing workflows that enable users to quickly implement design changes without having to re-mesh. Multiple methods will be shown to see how Proximity, Volume and Free Morphs can be mapped into different applications.

15:00  Break and Technical Q&A
  Technical and Live Demonstration Session IV

Model Build
Greg Nunn, Director - Product Management

Understand how to build models efficiently using Parts. Learn how parts can help enhance team collaborative workflows, support multiple discipline models and provide traceability and revisioning.


Tim Guirguis, Director – Product Management

Building upon an efficient Model Build, the new Connectors workflow contributes to an easy, yet in-depth, Model Assembly workflow. Learn how connector controls and FE Absorb tools can automate new or existing connections. 


Design Exploration
George Preston, Applications Engineer

Gain a greater understanding of design relationships through the automated in-built Design of Experiments (DOE) tool to parameterise models and generate an optimised design.

16:20 Summary
Dr. Baljesh Mehmi,  Sales Director
16:30 Prize Draw & Close

The new HyperWorks experience saved around a day of time. Graphical selection was huge when reviewing the model. Keyboard shortcuts for organizing, hiding, isolating saved seconds at a time which quickly added up.

— Adam Brinkman, Structural Architect, Google Pixel ​

Speakers Include:

Darren Ashby

Dr. Darren Ashby

CAE Group Leader

Jaguar Land Rover

Michael Dambach

Michael Dambach

Senior Vice President, HyperWorks


Steve White

Steve White

Technical Support Manager





The British Motor Museum
Banbury Road
CV35 0BJ

This event is free to attend but spaces are limited. Please register to reserve your seat.