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Showcasing Tata Daewoo; rapidly assess and improve truck comfort using Altair MotionSolve™ and Altair Compose™. 

In order to improve low-frequency truck ride comfort, it is important to derive optimal Cab/Chassis Suspension & Damping values by evaluating the vehicle vibration characteristics caused by road surface condition.

In this study, the ISO 8608 standard road profiles are implemented using Compose and MotionSolve. The vibration characteristics and the effect of design parameters are studied. The ride comfort performance is evaluated using the ISO 2631.

Heavy Duty Truck (10x4 Cargo, Payload 25ton) is constructed with a flexible multi-body dynamics model using MotionSolve. The Quarter Car and Half Car’s vibration models are constructed with Compose and MotionSolve and the possibility of preliminary ride comfort evaluation was studied.


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Jae Yun Kim 

Jae Yun Kim - CAE Engineet at TATA Daewoo

Jae Yun Kim has been serving as a CAE engineer for 15 years in TATA Daewoo Commercial Vehicle company. He is focusing on structural and dynamic analysis for new vehicle development and quality improvement. Jae holds Bachelor's and Master's degrees in mechanical engineering from Chonnam University.


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