Innovative Construction Equipment Designs: Simulating Soil, Asphalt & Rock-machine Interactions

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dump truck road construction-2-1APAC Session:
14:00 Tokyo (Japanese translation available) |  13:00 Beijing (Chinese translation available) |  10:30 Bangalore 

AMER and EMEA Session:
9:00 Chicago |  10:00 New York |  16:00 Frankfurt

Learn how you can accelerate your design process and drive innovation with granular material simulation

Manufacturers of construction and mining equipment are continuously improving the capacity, quality and reliability of their machines and innovate to deliver solutions that are tailored to the demands of the customer market. One challenging aspect when designing construction and mining machinery relates to the range of operations and conditions that machines must perform in. Understanding the materials that the machines interact with and how material behaviour changes in different conditions is crucial for improving product, capacity, reliability, and efficiency.  

EDEM made it possible to evaluate and prove our product’s loading and unloading patterns and establish the impact it would have on operation efficiency."
— Bertus Haasbroek, Chief Design Engineer, VR Steel

Accurate Material Models are Critical


Altair’s EDEM can be used to replicate the behaviour of granular material such as rocks, soils, ores, gravel, etc. and accurately predict the performance of the machines when interacting with these materials.

To accurately predict the performance of the machine DEM simulations must be completed with accurate material models of the bulk granular material. As such, EDEM comes with a Material Model Database for Agriculture and Heavy Equipment; allowing users to quicky initiate physically grounded simulations.

Automated calibration of DEM material models is possible using Altair EDEM and HyperStudy for those material models that do not exist in the database. Virtual testing through Altair EDEM shortens the design cycle, gives insights into machine interactions that would otherwise be impossible to understand with physical testing, and reduces the overall cost of product development.

Who should attend this webinar?

Excavator_renderThis webinar will be beneficial for individuals ranging from expert EDEM users to those who are just learning about what DEM simulations have to offer.  

  • An overview of the EDEM user interface will be provided as well as how EDEM can be incorporated with other software to complete multi-physics simulations.  
  • The Altair EDEM development team has been busy adding more capabilities to the software.  The capabilities that have been added to EDEM that benefit construction and mining customers will be discussed.  
  • Finally, a variety of applications will be covered including: dump trucks, crushers, loaders, compactors, and graders.



Renan Cardoso Calmon

Application Engineer


With a background in mining and materials engineering, Renan Calmon currently works as an Application Engineer at Altair while pursuing an MSc. Leveraging hands-on experience and a passion for innovation, Renan is committed to delivering impactful solutions that advance industry practices.