Revolutionise Your Injection Molding Design Process with Simulation

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Learn how to reduce lengthy mold trials, resolve manufacturing defects and reduce costs

Designing cost effective injection molded parts can be a challenging process where unexpected warping, sink marks and other manufacturing issues are discovered late. Part and mold designers are forced to make design changes leading to product delays and increased material scrappage. Plastic injection molding companies are turning to manufacturing simulation technologies to address this challenge; identifying and eliminating potential manufacturing defects before any physical molds or parts are produced.

This free to attend webinar, held in conjunction with the British Plastics Federation, will demonstrate how plastic injection molding companies are utilising Altair® Inspire™ Mold to improve their mold and part creation. During the one hour session, we will demonstrate how placing easy to use yet powerful simulation solutions in the hands of designers and product engineers early in the development cycle can enable rapid exploration of options to improve product performance while reducing scrap and tooling rework costs.

Attend the live session to claim your free trial of Altair Inspire Mold with complimentary instructor-led training*


Register today and learn how to:

  • Perform molding simulation early and often to streamline your mold design process
  • Assess whether a concept design can be manufactured
  • Identify issues early and reduce manufacturing tryouts
  • Generate material and cost efficient designs
  • Simulate the performance of competing design concepts
  • Maximise the efficiency of your design and production processes


Who should attend?

This webinar is a must for all UK and Ireland based mold designers and designers/engineers involved in the development of plastic injection molded parts.


Tim Dukes
Origin Engineering Solutions Ltd
*Free trial available for new customers only.

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