Altair Inspire Personal Edition

From Design to Manufacturing in One Easy-to-Use Platform


Get access to the Altair® Inspire™ Personal Edition, specifically designed for non-commercial, hobbyist, and personal use. This edition comes equipped with features that are perfect for personal projects, academic research, nonprofit organizations, and anyone who wants to unleash their creativity with our world-class software. 

With Inspire, enjoy a seamless geometry creation and modification user experience that speeds up the creation, optimization, and study of innovative and efficient parts and assemblies. Best of all, Inspire makes it easy to collaborate with others with its intuitive interface and easy-to-use features.

Why Altair Inspire?

  • Geometry creation and simplification. Create, modify, and simplify solid models, while also crafting freeform geometry with PolyNURBS and exploring diverse assembly configurations. 
  • Intuitive dynamic motion analysis. Generate dynamic motion of complex mechanisms, automatically identifying contacts, joints, springs, and dampers. 
  • Cutting-edge topology optimization. Access topology options like optimization objectives, stress/displacement constraints, acceleration, gravity, and temperature loading conditions. 
  • Optimized design for additive manufacturing. Design for additive manufacturing with overhang shape controls to reduce overhangs and create self-supporting structures. 
  • Comprehensive structural analysis. Analyze linear static and normal modes on a model and visualize displacement, factor of safety, yield percent, tension/compression, von Mises stress, and major principal stress.

Altair Inspire simplifies simulation, providing fast and accurate results. It enabled a new approach, achieving impressive outcomes in a short time and pushing component design closer to its limits."

— Sebastian Meinecke, founder and managing director, Urwahn Engineering

Inspire Personal Edition FAQ

The Altair Inspire Personal Edition is tailored for individuals seeking non-commercial, hobbyist, or personal use. It offers standard features suitable for personal projects, academic research, non-profit organizations, or anyone interested in exploring their creativity using our robust software.

To learn about the capabilities offered by different editions of Inspire, consult the Inspire comparison table.

Upon installation, the free trial license is valid for 1 year.

For Personal Edition users, support is provided through the Altair Community. Technical support via calls, emails, or tickets is not included with the Personal Edition.

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