Free Design Showcase From Altair & Brompton Bicycle 

Taking Place During DEVELOP3D LIVE 2019

17th April  I  11:15am - 12:45pm  I  Room: INOX 1  I  University of Sheffield




Don't miss out on our Free workshop: Providing Designers Easy Access to Powerful Simulation Tools


As an attendee to DEVELOP3D LIVE 2019, we are pleased to invite you to an exciting and unique design showcase from Altair and Brompton Bicycle. This free to attend showcase will provide an introduction to Altair Inspire, a powerful simulation suite for Designers that enables companies to explore and optimise new designs, and accurately investigate if CAD models will meet performance goals in just a few seconds. 

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Time11:15 am - 12:45 pm
Location: DEVELOP3D LIVE - Room INOX 1 - University of Sheffield

Attendees will see first hand how simulation technology can help facilitate product development teams to ‘Design the Difference’ by accessing optimisation technology utilising’s Altair’s two decades of application knowledge. See how Altair Inspire can accurately capture complex mechanical behaviour to verify design and assess manufacturability; all while being fully integrated with existing CAD systems to compliment your workflow.

The workshop will primarily consists of live demonstrations showcasing Altair Inspire and the iconic Brompton bike structure, to highlight the unique capability of the technology and providing practical examples that can be applied in your workplace.

Why should you attend?

  • Understand how simulation can inject innovation into product design
  • Assess the ease of use of Inspire simulation structural and manufacturing tools
  • Understand the unique licensing system and the value it can deliver


All Attendees Will Receive 60 days Free Trial of Altair Inspire including Web Training.



Presenter: Jon Heath
Job title: Lead Mechanical Design Engineer





 Visit us at stand 10 and 11


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See why Brompton Bicycle moved away from simulation in its CAD system






Demos of Altair Inspire on the Brompton Bike Structure Will Include

Why Altair Inspire?
Increase Quality
Altair Inspire allows users to rapidly explore and assess designs for static loads, normal modes, buckling and motion through an intuitive user experience leveraging its embedded physics engine. This enables users to ensure a quality and dependable design prior to any prototyping or production.
Reduce Cost
Leveraging simulation-driven design with Inspire early and often in the design process enables costs savings by reducing material usage, re-design iterations, and overall design time.
Meet Time to Market Goals
Simulation-driven design equips its users with the tools necessary to accelerate their overall design process. Inspire helps them to streamline the production of high-performance, quality parts and products. By utilizing Altair Inspire in the concept design phase, users can arrive at an ideal design concept extremely early in the process and reduce, or even eliminate re-design iterations.