5x Faster Cycle Times | CAD/CAE Live Syncing | High-Fidelity Results

Analyzing full-featured parametric CAD assemblies is an extremely labor intensive process requiring skilled CAE expertise. Common practices to shorten simulation cycles have included simplifying and defeaturing CAD geometry – offering little “engineering” value, negatively impacting results accuracy and consistency, and falling short of desired program objectives.

There is a better solution.

Introducing Altair SimLab sT, an automated multiphysics simulation environment differentiated by live, bi-directional connections to parametric CAD systems for high-fidelity analysis of solid (thick-walled) assemblies and fluid flow systems.

Ideally suited for design engineers and simulation experts alike, Altair SimLab sT automates every step of the simulation process from solid meshing and analysis to multiphysics co-simulation and interactive visualization:

  • Create and share robust, repeatable simulation workflows with automatic feature and part recognition to accelerate simulation cycles by more than 5 times

  • Rapidly explore and evaluate design changes on-the-fly with live synching to popular parametric CAD systems including CATIA, Pro/E, Siemens NX and SolidWorks

  • Eliminate manual solid meshing, model setup, solver execution and post-processing to improve simulation efficiency, accuracy and consistency across the organization

  • Solve statics, dynamics, heat transfer and fluid flow problems in minutes directly from within SimLab’s new intuitive user environment

  • Check the convergence and robustness of results with one-button click

  • Quickly setup and run multiphysics co-simulations and DOE studies all from within SimLab’s intuitive visual environment without scripting

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