AFDEX, Advisor for metal Forming process and Design EXpert, is a general-purpose metal forming simulator originally dedicated to the analysis of forging process, and it is based on rigid-elasto/thermo/viscoplastic finite element method. Not confined to the area of forging process, AFDEX is applicable to extrusion, drawing, rolling, ring rolling and other varieties of real production lines.

AFDEX has a peculiar strength in plate forging which is an integrated process of sheet metal forming and cold forging. AFDEX has outstanding characteristics in higher analysis accuracy for a wide range of metal forming processes, with intelligent automatic meshing/remeshing schemes hired, whose user-friendly GUI's are equipped with fool-proof capabilities, and fully automatic simulation techniques are adopted for the cases of multi-stage process.

It additionally provides users with the strong functions of metal flow line prediction on the arbitrary cross-sectional area and powerful material identification.



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