Dynamic Systems Analysis Ltd. (DSA) is an ocean engineering software and consultancy company. DSA makes it possible for ocean engineers, naval architects, oceanographers – or anybody with business in the water – to assess the motions and loads on vessels, structures, lines and technologies in marine environments. Their ability to customize quickly and expertly respond to the unique challenges of each client and user in an open and friendly manner is their greatest strength. DSA constantly seeks to improve and to extract maximum impact for every software feature they develop and analyses they conduct.

About ProteusDS

ProteusDS is an innovative dynamics analysis software used to test virtual prototypes of a wide variety of marine, offshore and subsea technologies.
ProteusDS is used by ocean engineers and ocean industry professionals to test virtual prototypes of systems that are exposed to extreme wind, current and waves. Whether driven by certification or the desire to create elegant solutions, assessing system dynamics is all about reducing risk.

About ShipMo3D

ShipMo3D is a cutting edge software application used to model the interactions of ships and offshore structures with waves and the marine environment.
Using advanced time and frequency domain options, ShipMo3D can be used to analyze freely maneuvering ships and other floating structures in a variety of sea states. Containing a wealth of features and models, ShipMo3D is capable of enhancing in-house analysis, design, and system optimization capabilities.

ShipMo3D is produced, supported and developed by Dynamic Systems Analysis Ltd. under license from Defence R&D Canada, an agency of the Canadian Department of National Defence. Having been validated again full and scale models, it is well suited to assist with marine analysis projects.



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