Introduction to Fieldscale Sense

Sense is a new touchscreen design and simulation tool that promises to save engineering time, provide results with maximum accuracy, cut down time-to-market and product costs.
Sense is the most advanced touchscreen design and simulation tool in the world. An intuitive flow enables the user to design the touchscreen model in less than 30 seconds. Τhe advanced algorithms provide accurate results up to 10 times faster than any other simulation software. As a result, engineers save effort and time, products are launched sooner and with increased profit margins.


About Fieldscale

Fieldscale offers state-of-the-art simulation software for electric design and analysis, built from the ground up to support the constantly growing demands of engineers for accuracy and efficiency. Its cutting-edge algorithms are integrated within a simple, intuitive user environment to support the effortless design of great products.

Fieldscale solvers expand the boundaries of electric simulation as we know them today, enabling "impossible simulations". Find out more at

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