KTex Family is a set of tools dedicated to composite materials to represent them precisely at the scale of the yarns and take into account the impact of manufacturing processes on their mechanical properties.

KTex Family consists of the following 4 modules:

  1. KTex Pattern: Outputs an FE model of the real geometric path of the yarns for a given composite weave.
  2. KTex LayUp: Simulates the lay-up process for any given weave. Allows visualizing the orientation of the fibers, the wrinkles, the fiber volume fraction mapping, etc.
  3. KTex Winding: Allows a visualization of the path followed by the yarns for a given part made through the winding process
  4. KTex WovenProperty: Calculates the homogenized macroscopic mechanical propertie sor any given weave or stacking, from the characteristics of the fibers.
All modules included in the KTex Family are integrated with HyperMesh, can simulate any weave (1D, 2D or 3D) and feature a user-friendly GUI.

KTex Pattern
  • Provides 2D or 3D output models
  • Customized fiber materials available
  • Customized weaving patterns available
  • Fast execution
  • Precise FE model of a given weave at the scale of the yarns
  • Possibility to study the impact of the weaving pattern on the performance of a part
  • All-set FE model, meshed and ready-to-run (materials, properties and interfaces defined)
KTex LayUp
  • User-defined mold available
  • Prediction of the manufacturing process impact on the weave and its mechanical properties
  • Prediction of the weakness areas of the final part
  • All-set FE model, meshed and ready-to-run (materials, properties, boundary conditions and interfaces defined)
  • Optimization of the manufacturing process possible
KTex Winding
  • Available for any fiber material, any mandrel dimensions, any winding angle
  • Outputs an FE model of the final part at the scale of the yarns
  • Provides a visualization of the fibers path and of the impact of the manufacturing parameters on it
  • Allows an optimization of the manufacturing process to meet certain expectations
KTex WovenProperties
  • Existing weaving patterns available and industrial fabrics available
  • Customized user-defined materials and weaving patterns available
  • Automatic generation of RADIOSS and OptiStruct compatible cards
  • Possibility to define a whole stack of 2D and/or 3D plies
  • Prediction of the homogenized macroscopic mechanical properties of any 2D or 3D weave
  • Possibility to import these materials in HyperLaminate
  • Effective tool to chose an adapted weave without trials or prototyping
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