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This next-generation design for smart connected products requires scalable software that allows quick iterations to find the best product-market fit, has a feature mix that creates an excellent end-user experience and helps reduce development and operating costs.

Leveraging more than 37 years of simulation, HPC, and AI knowledge and technology, Altair helps companies realize their Smart Product Development vision from beginning to end – from idea to production, operation to process, and product optimization.

To help product development groups build web and mobile applications to complement their physical products and help the operations team streamline their process, we developed Altair® SmartWorks™ IoT

This platform provides everything a company needs to move fast, scale up, and stay secure.

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Smart Products lead to new product lines, recurring revenue streams, more efficient operations, higher quality, and faster time-to-market. Learn what it takes to build a smart product – and where to begin.


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Redefining Connected Buildings with Altair SmartWorks IoT

Toggled iQ, a smart-lighting manufacturer wanted to develop new, connected lighting and building management solution to help their customers save money, improve comfort, and comply with new regulations. They used Altair® SmartWorks™ IoT to build a complete front end, back end, and edge computing architecture. With this, Toggled’s customers can now manage users, onboard devices, manage to compute workloads in their gateway product, develop building automation, and optimize energy usage.



Reinventing Wind Power Generation with Altair SmartWorks IoT

Vortex Bladeless, a Spanish technology startup company developing an aerogenerator with no blades, leverages Altair® SmartWorks™ IoT to advance product designs. Hear how the Vortex team uses an IoT monitoring board and a digital twin to accelerate the development process while continuously improving product performance.



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