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Altair is pleased to be part of the JEC 2017, well-known as the largest international gathering of composites professionals. This year we're exhibiting in Hall 5A at booth N68, stop by and visit with our composite team and Altair Partners ESAComp and HBM nCode. We'll be offering software demonstrations on our newest technology, including Multiscale Designer and exhibiting projects, like the Robot Bike.

Additionally, Altair is hosting a conference within the JEC titled "Unlock the Potential of Lightweight Design with Composites". This session will focus on applications from industry speakers, and notably how simulation is used today to support design, and what are the benefits, as well as research projects and how the community is working on future applications. Finally, we discuss technology trends from Altair and partners, with details about the latest technologies.

Unlock the Potential of Lightweight Design
with Composites

Wed. March 15 | 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Mezzanine Hall 6 (611)


 Bob Yancey 86x104.png 

Robert Yancey

VP Additive Manufacturing, Altair Engineering & JEC Chairman

Unlock the Potential of Lightweight Design with Composites

  • Composites design optimization, analysis, failure modeling
  • Applications for additive manufacturing
 Mathieu Kielwasser 86x104.png

Mathieu Kielwasser

Chief Scientific Advisor, Groupe PSA

When Metal Meets Composite: Challenges of Multi-Material Joining

  • Influence of the regulation context, the consequence on the design and the multi-material contribution
  • Evaluating which tools are compatible with each popular material combination to determine flexibility
  • Overcoming multi-material joining complications
  • Examining the existing multitude of multi-material joining solutions to identify which requirements OEM have with respect to composite and metal joining
 Yvan Blanchard.png

Yvan Blanchard

R&D Engineer and CATFiber Software Manager, Coriolis Composites SAS

Structural and Manufacturing Optimization of Composite Structures Produced by AFP

  • Integration of design optimization
  • Automatic fiber placement path planning on an aerospace component
 Christos Derdas 86x104.png

Dr. Christos Derdas

Automotive & Metals Industries, Product Development, Henkel

Composite Materials Engineering in Henkel AG & Co KGaA: The Perspective of a Total Solution Provider

  • Specially designed adhesives for the high production rate automotive manufacturing environment
  • Lighweighting and multi-material solutions
 Ben Farmer 86x104.png

Ben Farmer

Strategy and Programme Lead, HiETA Technologies

How to Make Great (Ti/CFRP) Joints: The Story of the Robot Bike Co. R160 Development

  • Integration of the titanium and carbon composite parts through the use of double lap shear (pi) joints
  • Structural and economic drivers, detailed design, manufacturing, assembly processes and testing associated with the double lap shear joints
  • Insight into how HiETA Technologies is pursuing other applications of this technology in other "hybrid truss" applications
 Jan Philipp Fuhr 86x104.png

Jan Philipp Fuhr

Co-Founder & Head of Simulation, CIKONI Composites Innovation

Enabling Innovation by Simulation: Development of a Lightweight Cargo Structure for Future Logistics

  • Using OptiStruct for the end-to-end development of a composite cargo structure
  • Topology optimization, FEM-based evaluation of different lightweight design principles
 Juan Pedro 86x104.png

Juan Pedro Berro Ramirez

HyperWorks R&D Technical Leader, Altair Engineering France

Companis 3D Project: Development of an Optimization Method for Woven Composite Structures

  • Finding solutions for the replacement of complex parts made of steel or titanium
  • Simultaneous optimization of the material and structure
 Jacob Fish 86x104.png

Dr. Jacob Fish

Carleton Professor, Columbia University & Chief Scientific Advisor, Altair Engineering

Multiscale Designer - An Efficient Multiscale-Multiphysics Design System

Altair’s Multiscale Designer is an efficient multiscale-multiphysics design system, which integrates reduced order multiphysics-multiscale analysis capabilities for heterogeneous media within a nonintrusive stochastic multiscale framework for uncertainty quantification and propagation at multiple scales.





March 13 Update: Due to the closeness of the JEC and high demand for our conference and badges, we cannot guarantee a JEC badge or conference seat for new registrants.