A Complete Composite Workflow for all Industries

Agora Stage - Hall 5

1:05 - 3:00 pm Tuesday May 12, 2020


Composite structures are lighter, stronger, stiffer, and more durable and have moved from their high-performance, one-off type applications into our everyday lives. The key to achieving this is cost-effective, fast, reliable, and reproducible parts – a process, regardless of industry sector, that involves automation including simulation. We have invited our customers from different industry sectors to provide an insight into their composite projects using Altair software solutions.

In this conference, you will hear how leading innovators across multiple industries leverage computer-aided engineering (CAE) simulation software to design, optimize, and validate their composite structures.

Altair offers a comprehensive suite of design and analysis tools that can help you efficiently design composite material parts and assemblies, redesign metal parts to use composites, optimize for performance and weight, and intuitively explore variations in design configurations. 


Keynote Presentations:

  • KTM Technologies - Design Freedom for Sandwich Structures: How Multiscale Simulation Takes us Beyond Foam and Honeycomb with 3D Printed Lattice Structures

  • GURIT - Optimization and Composite Materials in Architectural Designs

  • CIKONI - Increasing the Efficiency of Damage Modelling for Filament Wound Pressure Vessels through Multiscale Simulation

  • ENGENUITY - FiRMA – Failure in Random Material Architectures


  • csi ENTWICKLUNGSTECHNIK GmbH - Multi-material lightweight design of complex systems enabled by a continuous Digital Process chain: example #Ultraleichtbausitz

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