Capability to Capacity
Advanced Composites for Mass Production


JEC World 2020 Postponed to May 12 - 14


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Altair at JEC World 2020

Advancing composites for mass production while saving time and money. Use Altair's simulation technology to streamline physical prototyping with a fully integrated solution for design synthesis and analysis that truly optimizes complex composite parts. The result is strong lightweight parts ready for production.

The solution goes beyond the purely geometric considerations of metallic parts and enables optimal:

  • Ply shape optimization to identify ideal ply drop-off zones
  • Ply thickness optimization to determine minimum thickness for each ply shape
  • Ply order optimization to define stacking sequence to follow ply book rules


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Capability to Capacity
Real Life Examples of Production-Proven Parts from Different Industries

KTM Technologies - Motorcycle Manufacturer

Composites Bike Side Panel

Design freedom for sandwich structures,  Multiscale simulation enabled analysis beyond Foam and Honeycomb with 3D Printed lattice structures.


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CSI Entwicklungstechnik

Ultra-lightweight Seat

Advanced composites technology enabled the creation of an innovative ultra-lightweight seat with 20% weight reduction


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Guerrilla Gravity

Lightweight, High-performance Bikes

300% more impact resistant than other frames on the market that use traditional carbon fiber materials, at significant cost savings.

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Technical Demo

Accurate and Efficient Simulation of Laminated Composites

Demo Highlights:

  • Maintain the simulation’s relationship with manufacturing by explicitly modeling plies and laminates
  • Improve structural analysis accuracy through draping simulation
  • Integrate with CAD through import and export of composite data
  • Incorporate non-linear multiscale materials models for predictive material behavior

Result: Efficient modeling and simulation of laminated composites in a unified environment.





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Enlighten Award

Automotive’s Only Award Dedicated to Vehicle Lightweighting

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Technical Demo

Simulating the Performance of Fiber-Reinforced Injection Molded Parts

Demo Highlights:

  • Cover the full process from manufacturing to component performance in a virtual process
  • Minimize effort for material testing
  • Incorporate non-linear multiscale materials models for predictive material behavior
  • Ensure the performance of your design virtually and avoid unnecessary investment in hardware

Result: Injection molded parts with desired mechanical performance with minimal experimental testing.





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Technical Demo

Efficient Design Certification Calculations with HyperWorks Integrated Composites Stress Toolbox


Demo Highlights:

  • Benefit from wide range of classic composites calculations spanning from laminate stiffness to load bearing capability for various structural elements (panels, joints, etc.)
  • Leverage first ply failure methods in HyperWorks FEA Framework for advanced composite post-processing
  • Take advantage of a vast set of classical and advanced composite first ply failure criteria


Result: Efficient design and post-processing of complex laminated composite structures

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