Learn How Northrop Grumman Uses Altair Asymptotic EM Solver to Validate Measurement

Live Webinar – Monday, October 26 | 10AM PDT

Join us for this live webinar, where Northrop Grumman engineer Keith Snyder will demonstrate Altair Feko simulations to compare with measured patterns of a slant 45-degree omni directional antenna on a rolled edge ground plane. Advantages of using sampled nearfield currents in combination with large element physical optics (LE-PO) solution in Altair Feko  in determining the far fields will be presented.



Keith Snyder, Staff Engineer

Keith Snyder is currently a Staff Engineer in Electronics with Northrop Grumman specializing on antenna and array design and analysis for aircraft and vehicles. Keith graduated from Ohio State in 1980 and picked up a Telecommunications Certificate from U.C. Berkeley. Keith is a master power user of the Altair Feko for antenna modeling and analysis. In addition to his experience at Northrop Grumman, Keith has considerable antenna design experience having worked on a wide variety of antenna applications including: AM antenna matching at Harris Broadcast in Quincy, Illinois; reflector antennas using the NECREF code at GTE in Needham, Massachusetts; patch antenna arrays at Ball Aerospace in Boulder, Colorado; radar antenna design at Aydin Radar in San Jose; broadband antennas at GTE in Mountain View; shaped reflector antennas at Space Systems Loral. Keith is a member of IEEE Antennas and Propagation (AP) Society, ACES (Applied Computational Electromagnetics Society) and gave numerous talks at ACES, IEEE Conferences and  various HAM Radio Associations.

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