Save on your Engineering Software Licenses in Challenging Times


Tue, Dec 17, 2019, 11.00 A.M, Register Now

Do you know where your expensive Engineering software lying and who are the people, department using them? Are they fully utilized before you receive requirement for new purchase? Altair SAO enables you to visualize and analyse global software inventories and utilization rates across facilities, divisions, departments, and users. With SAO, it’s easy to pinpoint underutilized expensive software assets and optimize its usage. The Information from SAO can be used for better business planning and forecasting of engineering software’s. Altair has deep domain expertise engineering and in business analytics along with software licensing systems, thus Altair is uniquely qualified to offer powerful SAO solutions tailored to the individual requirements of each organization. In the Webinar Alhad Joshi- VP Enterprise Analytics will tell you how you can save up to 30% of your Engineering software License cost using Altair SAO.

Who should attend?

  • License administrators.
  • Engineering managers.
  • Business analysts who need advanced reporting and analytics to get deep insight into usage and support data-driven planning.
  • Purchasing personnel.
  • CIOs and Department/Divisional executives who are responsible for budgeting.
  • Service provider companies that bill their customers for software usage.


Why should you attend?

  • Identify and eliminate 'shelf-ware' or unused licenses, or reduce excessive capacity.
  • Discover 'software license abuse' (long checkout, usage of multiple instances of same software).
  • Divide up software inventory based on usage in case of company splits.
  • Consolidate licensing in case of mergers.
  • Consolidate multiple license files from the same vendor into one.
  • Check software license usage efficiency on HPCs (which has a potential of having over 90% capacity utilization).
  • Analyze software package usage to determine if it's better to get a package or individual software.
  • Perform Cost Allocation Calculations for charge-back to Departments or Regional offices.
  • Check 'unauthorized' usage from different departments or regions using Soft Limits.
  • Get a grip on actual denials using smart Effective Denials calculations.
  • Plan for the following year for added/reduced users with Predictive Analytics.