Martin Tyssens, Product Manager Software & Services, Tass International
Paul Habets, Commercial Director, Code Product Solutions

Code Product Solutions, an engineering service provider, supports children's car seat manufacturers to develop R129 i-Size seats. Using a CAE driven design process, they developed the first i-Size car seat that fulfills all requirements while reducing costs due to less physical testing.

Virtual development process
Within the virtual development process, Code Product Solutions engineers employed RADIOSS® coupled with MADYMO dummies for crash simulation, OptiStruct® for the layout of highly loaded plastic parts and HyperCrash® during postprocessing.

i-Size R129 regulation

i-Size R129 is the new European standard for child car seats. For children's car seat manufacturers, this new regulation poses a big challenge to (re)design their R44 car seat according these higher safety requirements.

Webinar Outline

  • The Development of the first i-Size car seat that fulfills all requirements of the new R129 regulation
  • A CAE driven design process to reduce costs due to less physical testing and prototyping.

Who Should Attend

Product Designers, CAD/CAE Engineers, Professionals working in the child car seat industry


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