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Altair HyperWorks Presents a New Manufacturing Webinar Series

Presented by: Simone Bonino, Altair and Srikar Vallury, Moldex3D

The introduction of new thermoplastics like fiber-reinforced polymers (FRPs) has made the integration between structural and injection molding process simulation even more crucial than in the past. The Altair HyperWorks suite of products include tools to map, analyze and optimize the structural performance of  injection-molded parts, interfacing directly with products like Moldex3D, a leader in providing the very best CAE injection molding simulation software. With the ability to simulate multiple types of manufacturing processes, Moldex3D gives user the opportunity through simulation to identify potential part defects and validation of part design. Moldex3D is an extremely valuable tool to ensure all aspects of the manufacture process have been optimized before a part actually goes into production.

Who should attend: 

  • Plastic Part Designers
  • Mold Makers
  • Product team managers and directors



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