With the growing interest in additive manufacturing in the aerospace industry, there is a desire to accurately simulate the behavior of components made by this process. The layer by layer print process appears to create a morphology that is different from that from conventional manufacturing processes. This can have dramatic impact on the material properties, which in turn, can affect how the material is modeled in simulation. We tested an additively manufactured metal part for mechanical properties and validated the material model used in a linear static simulation.

Webinar Outline

  • Overview of 3D printing using metals
  • Part used for experiment and simulation
  • Material properties of 3D-printed part
  • Validation of measured experimental data vs. simulation results
  • Implications for aerospace applications

Integrations with Altair

Matereality users can output master material files for HyperWorks, from their CAE Models library. The material data then can be input to a variety of solvers available through the HyperWorks environment.

Who should attend

Simulation professionals, product designers, QA professionals.


If you have any questions, please contact apasupport@altair.com.


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