System Level Optimization: Altair’s Multibody Solutions

Presented by:
Chris Coker, Manager, Systems Simulation, Altair Engineering

Traditional iterative CAE methods require the engineer/analyst to use trial and error, or use prior domain knowledge to refine a particular design. For complex systems involving mechanisms, as typically seen in the multibody dynamics field, the design sensitivities are often very complex, or have significant nonlinearities.

This webinar will demonstrate the integrated capabilities of MotionSolve and HyperStudy to not only run design sensitivities, but also solve design optimization problems. For large-scale problems, the power of a dedicated HyperWorks Unlimited Hardware (or cloud) solution can be used to solve problems that would normally be prohibitive due to time costs.

Integrated HyperWorks tools allow for easier multibody dynamics optimization.

This webinar is part of a 6-part MBD series. Click here to see full schedule.

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