Altair 2021 EM Online Meet-Up #4:

Electromagnetics Applications Available Through the Altair Partner Alliance



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APA Electromagnetic Solutions Meet-Up: An Ecosystem of Complementary Solutions

Join us on 20th of January and see how Altair Partners enhance simulation, improve engineering, and optimize design with additional products that are already part of your Altair offering. Discover third-party solutions from a single unified source that you know and trust through the Altair Partner Alliance (APA).

We're excited to invite you to this unique virtual event featuring complementary technology from across industry who will provide a practical insight into their tools. Our partners offer industry-leading niche applications that close any gaps in our offering.  

Extend Your Simulation and Design Capabilities

Explore, innovate and create faster, smarter and better all through the same Altair Units licensing model. The APA lets you eliminate the hurdles that prevent you from acquiring new technology. There’s no need to vet and validate a new licensing system.

Attend and Learn:

  • Experience an ecosystem of complementary solutions
  • Explore, innovate and create faster, smarter and better all through the same Altair Units licensing model.


Agenda - 20 January 2021


Welcome & Introduction to APA 

3:30 pm
GMT +2

Welcome & Introduction to APA 
Zahra Shirzadi, Partner Manager


3:40 pm
GMT +2
Partners Sessions  


VSim for Time-Domain Simulations: Scattering and Antennas
Dr. John Cary, CEO

VSim by Tech-X

VSim is a time-domain computational electromagnetics and plasma application. VSim solves systems with large scale disparities through use of distributed memory computing, and is fast, making use of GPUs. It is accurate, with conformal boundaries, and easy to use, with its cloud-based user interface. This talk presents the accuracy on an analytically computable scattering problem, and it will show how time domain simulations can provide time varying antenna patterns, such as those of phased-array antennas.


VSim Logo



Mician µWave Wizard: Hybrid Technology for Better Designs
Dr. Ralf Ihmels, PhD, President
uWaveWizard by MiCIAN

µWave Wizard™ is a full wave 3D electro-magnetic design automation suite combining the flexibility of the Finite-Element-Method with the speed and accuracy of Mode-Matching for cost effective development of passive microwave systems and components, including antennas. The presentation introduces the audience to the software itself and to its underlying Hybrid Solver Technology, followed by industry specific applications, customers projects and numerous design examples.


Mician_Wizard_Logo (1)


Optical Modeling of Automotive LiDAR Systems Using TracePro
Dave Jacobsen, Senior Application Engineer
TracePro® by LAMBDA

The use of LiDAR systems is becoming more popular in automotive applications. Optical analysis software such as TracePro allows engineers to model these systems in a virtual environment and make wise choices before producing physical prototypes. Modeling these systems can be challenging due to the small number of rays that return to the target. We will look at modeling LiDAR systems in TracePro as well as tools to improve the sampling efficiency of the model to improve the results.




4:10 pm
GMT +2

Technical workflow showcasing Altair EM tools
David Aviram, FEA Electromagnetic Solutions


Q&A Sessions about APA
Markus Schick, EMEA Director - EM Solutions

Mohamed Seddik, Manager, Partner Alliance Relationships

4:30 pm GMT+2 -  End of the Altair 2020 EM Online Meet-Up #4


*The agenda can slightly be updated.

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