Model Build Series

Industry Leading in Pre-processing and Post-processing for CAE

Altair HyperWorks is the most comprehensive platform for CAE. This series will focus on HyperWorks' pre-processing and model build capabilities. Learn how to build accurate models faster and improve your product development cycle.

Model Build with Hypermesh

Advanced Model Build with HyperMesh

This webinar aims to present solver-neutral CAD to MESH workflows available in HyperWorks 2022. It will focus on geometry clean-up, meshing and mesh validation, mid surfacing and advanced mesh manipulation.

Model Build for Electronics

Model Build for Electronics

This session will show you how to import and hex mesh most advanced PCB layouts from any common ECAD/CAD format using Altair SimLab. Its top-of-the-line geometry simplification and automation tools will allow for hex meshing components and auto-generating BGA mesh.

Advanced Meshing for CFD

Advanced Meshing for CFD

Altair SimLab is a powerful platform that provides top-of-the-line tools for meshing and preparing CAD models for CFD analysis. In this webinar, we will present the workflow for CAD cleanup and solver-neutral CFD setups, such as boundary layer and fluid mesh generation for CFD analysis.

Model Build WB4 Image for Results Viz-1

Results Visualization and Automated Reporting

In this session, you will learn about advanced CAE post-processing capabilities, including querying, results overlay, and highly automated reporting.

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