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Model and Simulate using equations and scripts with Altair Compose™

Discover Altair Compose™ as an open, multi-language environment (IDE) for calculations, scripting, data processing and visualization using 2D & 3D plots. Hundreds of math functions and modeling tools are built-in, ranging from basic to more advanced & specialized – with no extra-cost add-ons required. Built-in CAE data readers are especially handy for easily importing and post-processing your CAE or test data with Compose. Register custom functions for re-use with other HyperWorks products.

Learn about the OpenMatrix Language (OML) used by Compose, which is compatible with MATLAB & Octave, making it easy to transfer and share scripts between these tools. OML scripts are also interoperable with Python & Tcl/Tk, with useful debugging capabilities available for these multiple languages. Interface Compose with Excel to perform advanced calculations on spreadsheet data.

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