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Deliver accurate data insights, while mitigating risk and reducing cost.

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Improve Efficiency and Profitability Accuracy of Your Mortgage Servicing Operations

Altair Data Analytics solutions handle every phase of the data lifecycle, eliminating data silos and providing decision-makers with clear visibility into lending risk and profitability.

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ELIMINATE the need for IT to extract data, which is often very time-consuming and labor-intensive.


ACCELERATE decision-making based on accountability, insight, and trust in the data being used.


AUTOMATE repeatable processes with reusable models and workspaces to spend their time analyzing data instead of preparing it for analytic needs.

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Transform Mortgage Data

Mortgage Servicers rely on the client and transactional data to evaluate pre-payment risk and execute investor reporting, loss analysis, and servicing transfers. 

Altair Monarch, a market-leading, desktop-based self-service data preparation solution, can easily transform messy, unstructured, and disparate data from PDFs, etc., into useable data sets for further analytic use.


Analyze Mortgage Data

Accurately predicting borrower behavior allows lenders to better deploy strategies to capitalize on opportunities using hyper-personalization and stay ready for what's next by taking preventative measures against disruptive forces to their business models. 

Altair Knowledge Studio, a recognized leader in machine learning and predictive analytics, can spot patterns, clusters, and trends in huge amounts of pre-existing financial, transactional, and behavioral data to drive business decisions.



Visualize Mortgage Data

Delays in decision-making are costly in time-critical businesses like mortgage. Waiting for end-of-day reports means you’re likely to miss profitable opportunities or fail to respond to threats until it's too late. 

Altair Panopticon lets mortgage analysts, and engineers — the people closest to the action — build, modify, and deploy sophisticated data visualization and stream processing applications with a drag-and-drop interface. They can connect to virtually any data source, including big data sources, SQL and NoSQL databases, message queues; develop complex event processing programs; and design visual user interfaces that give them the perspectives they need to make insightful, fully informed decisions based on massive amounts of data.