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Free Multi-Disciplinary System Simulation Tool 

Accurate  .  Fast  .  Easy to Learn
Open and flexible software environment  for rapidly modeling and simulating products as multi-disciplinary systems in the form of 1D models (expressed as signal-based or physical block diagrams),
optionally coupled to 3D models
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Holistic Assessment

Model and simulate the performance of your entire product to better assess overall behavior as well as interactions between components & subsystems.


Better Insight, Faster

Gain an increased understanding of your overall system performance (e.g., mechanical & electrical; fluids & structures; electromagnetic and thermal effects; etc.), including coupling 1D and 3D models


Open & Flexible

Leverage the power of pre-defined Modelica libraries for modeling common Mechanical, Electrical, and Thermal physical components by having the mix signal-based and physical modeling in same diagram

Free Multi-disciplinary System Simulation Tool

Free Download