Altair Multiphysics Webinar Series: Applications for Thermal and Fluid Coupling


Altair’s AcuSolve CFD solver is capable of simulating complex multiphysics phenomenon including Heat Transfer-CFD coupling. In this webinar, two use cases are presented, using two very different calculation approaches.


Use Case #1: Brake Cooling Simulations with AcuSolve

 11-08 Break.jpg

Vehicle braking is a vital safety feature of ground transportation; but braking produces heat and heat damages components. Increased heat in brake components can result in decreased pad friction and stopping power, uneven brake pad wear, cracked rotors and general shorter brake pad and rotor life. Predicting component temperatures during the design phase allows engineers to design systems in which heat is dissipated more effectively or incorporate more appropriate materials. 

 In this presentation Altair’s approach to thermal brake system analysis is demonstrated through five (5) levels of complexity. The lower levels are intended for early or quick investigation requiring minimal geometric definition and compute resource. As designs mature and more detailed information is needed the highest levels of analysis are employed giving engineers a clear and complete thermal map of brake system components.


Use Case #2: Furnace Cooldown Simulation using 3D and 1D Solvers

11-08 Furnace cooldown v2.jpg

Furnace cooldown are complex phenomenon involving heat conduction and fluid flow. Though they can be simulated by 3D CFD codes like Altair’s AcuSolve software, the CPU times are not compatible with fast iterations. On the other hand, it is possible to model by 1D analytical equations such phenomenon, provided some parameters can be estimated.

In this presentation, a solidThinking Activate model was created to quickly simulate cooldown, but this model is parametrized and validated through the use of full 3D AcuSolve model.



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Bill Calver
Director, AcuSolve Program Management
Livio Mariano
Senior Consultant
Giulio Turinetti
Application Engineer

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