Altair Multiphysics Webinar Series: Structural and Thermal Coupling with Electromagnetic Systems


Electromagnetic phenomenon may induce undesired effects such as heat or vibrations. To predict and correct them by simulation, it is necessary to couple all phenomenon. Altair HyperWorks software suite is a perfect solution for this and in this webinar, two use cases will be demonstrated, where Flux is coupled with OptiStruct and AcuSolve.


Use Case #1: Electric Motors Noise Prediction

12-06 Electric Motors.jpg

Often regarded as more silent than thermal motors, electric motors are nonetheless generating high frequency noise and vibrations which must be predicted and corrected as early as possible during the design process. This requires a new solver technology combining electro-magnetic and NVH simulation.

Using Altair’s HyperWorks software, the forces on the motor’s stator are calculated using Flux EM simulation software and applied as loading conditions for noise calculation using the OptiStruct solver. Using HyperStudy, noise is then reduced by changing the geometry of the stator while maintaining the motor performances.


Use Case #2: Combined Magnetic and CFD Analysis for Automotive Electric Motors

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Electric motors are becoming more widely used in transportation industry, leading to new design constraints, especially in terms of weight. As motors become lighter, thermal constraints become more and more critical and it is necessary to predict at early design stages the motor’s hot points and find an adequate method to cool them down.

In this presentation, an accurate calculation method is demonstrated where heat losses from electromagnetic are calculated using Flux and used as initial conditions for the CFD computation (carried out by AcuSolve), to calculate an accurate distribution of temperature around the motor.



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Patrick Lombard
Lead Application Specialist,
LF EM Solutions
Girish Mudigonda
Application Specialist
Mike Barton
CFD Application Specialist

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