What's New in FEKO 2018, including WinProp

Presented by:  Jordi Soler - Director of Global Business Development - EM Solutions


This webinar was presented on 27 March 2018

Brief Description

FEKO is the leading comprehensive EM simulation software widely used in telecommunications, automotive, defense, aerospace, electronics, energy and healthcare, including a wide set of solvers with true hybridization and specialized methods for the analysis of problems related to antenna design and placement, RCS, EMC, RF devices, bio-electromagnetics, and also wave propagation modelling thanks to WinProp.

In this webinar we will be presenting the exciting features in the new FEKO 2018 release. 

Webinar Outline

  • Introduction of the new features in FEKO for the design of antennas, RF devices and radomes
  • New improvements related to cable modelling for complex EMC problems, CMA, time analysis, meshing and documentation, among others
  • New functionalities related to WinProp's integration with FEKO, maps, polarimetric analysis, virtual drive tests and usability improvements
  • Other tools in HyperWorks available to FEKO users, thanks to the HyperWorks unique licensing system

Who should watch?

  • Existing users of FEKO and/or WinProp
  • Engineers interested in exploring and knowing more about how FEKO and WinProp are helping the industry and academia to develop innovative solutions and products