Cutting Edge Electromagnetic LF Simulation Solutions

Discover Flux 2018 & Couplings to the HyperWorks Platform


Presented by: Samia Saadi - Senior Technical Specialist - EM Solutions


This webinar was presented on 15 February 2018


Brief Description

Using breakthrough technologies, Flux is the perfect tool for the analysis, design and optimization of modern applications such as electric rotating machines, actuators and sensors, high power electrical equipment, heat treatment or electromagnetic compatibility. 

February 2018 see the release of the latest version of our software.  Flux 2018 includes a new PEEC solver, offers new HPC capabilities, brings several new enhancements for losses computations and offers more comfortable couplings to the Altair suite, from pro-processing tools to multi-physic couplings.

Webinar Outline

  • Newly integrated Flux PEEC offers new multiphysics computations capabilities

     - Electromagnetic, Thermal, Forces

  • Losses computations enhancements:

    -  Improved Bertotti model for more 
    -  AV formulation available in Flux 3D

  • Parallel computing is accessible to users using HyperWorks License

    -  MUMPS multi-thread, multi-core computing
    -  PBS integration (Parallel computing and batch mode) 

  • Integration with Altair tools

    -  SimLab /Hypermesh efficient imports 
    -  Extended vibro-acoustic computations with OptiStruct