NovaFlow&Solid CV is a casting process simulation program that we believe to be FASTER, EASIER and MORE accurate than the competing software on the market. Due to the specific meshing, NovaFlow&Solid is the ideal tool to simulate the fluidity of thin-walled aerospace castings like turbine blades and other engine components. NovaFlow&Solid can then be used to reduce weight both of the final casting but also the weight of molten metal used during the casting process which saves energy, costs and environment.

During this webinar we will highlight the functionality and potentials using NovaFlow&Solid, specifically for investment casting manufacturing and development of aerospace castings.

Webinar Outline

  • Brief introduction to NovaFlow&Solid CV
  • Testing the ability to fill castings and how to fill thinner sections
  • How to design for directional solidification (with examples)
  • Hot Spots - Finding weak points in your designs (with examples)
  • How to improve the casting design – conclusions from the simulation results
  • Using stress simulation to avoid cracks and undesired high residual stresses

Who should attend? Foundry Engineers, Casting Component designers and CAEengineers dealing with complex castings.

How is NovaFlow&Solid useful to APA users?

With NovaFlow&Solid users can optimize their casting design in terms of weight, strength and castability. The user can test different casting methods and verify the result from each of them. The residual stress results can be used as input data for other software.

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