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During these special times, Altair would like for you to continue your training on the software you already use and to use the chance to try out new things.

On these pages you will find our offer for meetings with experts as well as online and self-paced trainings that will prepare you to use Altair's software even more skillfully in the future.

  • Self-paced training content: Our experts and trainers have selected the most relevant content for you to self-study the software you are using and are interested in at your own pace. Sign up on the right to see the selection of self-paced, cost free trainings for our solutions.
  • Altair offers online training courses.
  • Meet the Experts: In addition, you have the chance to request a meeting with our experts. Use this unique opportunity to exchange with our experts and to ask your questions.


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Altair Inspire Studio

Altair HyperWorks Desktop

Altair HyperWorks Next Generation

Altair SimLab

Altair SimSolid

Altair Inspire


Altair OptiStruct Solver

Altair OptiStruct Composite

Altair OptiStruct Optimization

Altair Radioss

Altair EDEM

Altair Acusolve


Altair Flux

Altair Feko & WinProp

Altair HyperStudy

Altair Compose

Altair Monarch

Altair HyperView and HyperGraph

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