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March 2024 Edition



On behalf of the OpenRadioss Team, welcome to all our new Community members. We are all looking forward to another exciting year working together to create new features and continue to expand the application of OpenRadioss around the world. 

In case you missed it, 2023 ended with another notable milestone: We reached 2000 commitments on our OpenRadioss Community GitHub! It is yet another endorsement of the interest OpenRadioss is drawing by the new features, source code updates, bug fixes, and supported by numerous discussions by our active, ever-growing number of contributors from academia and industry sectors worldwide. 

Here’s a quick summary of what else has been going on …And some exciting news about the 2024 OpenRadioss Users’ Day we are starting to plan. 

- Marian Bulla | OpenRadioss Community Manager


Partner Events



In October 2023, Altair Technology partner Cornelis Networks, and OpenRadioss were hosted in a fireside chat by The Register - a leading and trusted global online technology news publication, which reaches approximately 40 million technology professionals, IT decision makers, C-suite executives worldwide. This gave OpenRadioss an opportunity for strong visibility to a new audience. Watch the on-demand session here, to learn about why high-performance interconnects are essential for HPC/AI Manufacturing workloads. 




Additionally in October 2023, Altair Technology partner CIQ hosted OpenRadioss in their LiveStream podcast session where they discussed how the fusion of containerization and cloud technologies is propelling OpenRadioss to new heights. Join us for a cutting-edge webinar on containerization, cloud, and collaboration. Watch the on-demand session here, to learn more. 


Save the Date! 2024 OpenRadioss Users' Day

Planning Begins for OpenRadioss Users' Day 2024


Following the success of OpenRadioss Users' Day 2023 in Aachen last year, we are delighted to announce the 2024 OpenRadioss Users’ Day will be on September 26th, 2024 in Philadelphia, PA, USA. Yes, after France and Germany, we are crossing the Atlantic thanks to the generous offer to host the event by Elham Sahraei, Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Temple University.  


If you are working on a project with OpenRadioss and are keen to present your work at the live event, please contact Marian Bulla. 



Run full crash simulation models with Human Body Models on OpenRadioss





To examine vehicle crashworthiness, for many years the Crash Test Dummy has been victim of many crash test scenarios. Today, the dummies can take early retirement as sophisticated human body models are incorporated into full vehicle crash codes.

The OpenRadioss team have worked with the VIVA+ development team to ensure compatibility between the VIVA+ LS-Dyna keyword input Open Source HBMs and OpenRadioss, giving the opportunity for all users to run a complete open-source crash solution with HBMs. See here for more about VIVA+ Body Models

Meet the Community

David Russel | Director of Vortex CAE 



Introducing David Russell, director of Vortex CAE which has developed its own optimization solver for automotive crash structures based on topometry techniques. Vortex is supporting our community by releasing their Python libraries for reading OpenRadioss animation and time-history files as open-source, and their OpenRadioss animation to d3plot conversion tool for open-source use. For more details, see here.

OpenRadioss Showcased at Kitware Webinar

For those who want to learn creating high resolution photorealistic rendering from OpenRadioss crash simulations, using open-source tools, OpenRadioss was showcased in Kitware webinar. View the webinar here. 



OpenRadioss Community on YouTube!

We are continuing to build our library of videos showing tips and tricks for getting started and using OpenRadioss. Feel free to contact us with your suggestions for new content!


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