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May 2023 Edition



We’ve continued to have a busy time since our last newsletter, and it's both exciting and encouraging that our OpenRadioss Community continues to grow with people joining us daily from numerous industries and academic institutions around the world.

Following the success of our first workshop in Paris, our 2023 Users' Day is rapidly approaching. We look forward to meeting you in person on June 27 in Aachen, Germany.

To benefit from the community's rapid growth, we've recently formed the OpenRadioss Steering Committee. With members from both industry and academia, they'll ensure the OpenRadioss code always best serves the community.

- Marian Bulla | OpenRadioss Community Manager



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Users' Day

OpenRadioss Users' Day

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Hosted by Dr. Ing Thilo Roeth and his team from FH Aachen, University of Applied Science - the birthplace of SkyCab - join us on June 27 in Aachen, Germany for a day of thought-provoking technical presentations and discussions. At the event, we'll discuss the numerous, diverse advances the worldwide OpenRadioss Community has made.


We thank our generous sponsors:

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Register Here

On-Demand Presentations

On-Demand Presentations


If you missed any of the presentations from our 2022 OpenRadioss Workshop event or want to refresh your memory, they're all now available on-demand. 


Watch Here

Meet the Community

Sebastien Villeneuve | OpenRadioss Maintainer


Sebastian Villeneuve_OpenRadioss member


Our successful open-source code relies on the diligence of individuals whose role is to be the “face of the code.” These people communicate and review users’ contributions, ensure coding standards are met, and keep everything moving.


Sebastien has automotive experience and 15 years of experience as a development engineer. With the Radioss code, Sebastien shares the crucial role of OpenRadioss Maintainer with two other individuals we'll meet in later editions.

News from GitHub

Take a look at OpenRadioss Community activities, threads, blogs, and join the discussions.

  • Mixed Dyna/Radioss input format
  • Simple job submission GUIs in Python/TK to aid use of pre-compiled Windows executables
  • Visual studio compatibility and debugging workflow now in GitHub
  • OpenRadioss user interface (userlib_sdk) available in tools repository (MIT license)

Check out the OpenRadioss documentation platform.


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