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November 2022 Edition



Wow - It has been a while since OpenRadioss Community launched on September 8, 2022, but we have not stood still since. 

Today, the OpenRadioss Community with its prelaunch core members from industry and academia, has been joined by the big names in high performance computing technologies, and many, many other members. 

We have been overwhelmed by all the positive comments about OpenRadioss and the enthusiasm of our community members who are working together to add new and expanding features.

More about that later!

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OpenRadioss Workshops at Altair France Meet Up in Paris

Not in Paris? No problem, join our hybrid OpenRadioss Workshop event on November 22, with four workshops available (Listed in Europe CET):

  • 14:00 - 14:45 | OpenRadioss 1: Biomechanics & Safety 
  • 14:45 - 15:30 | OpenRadioss 2: Material & Failure - Battery 
  • 15:30 - 16:15 | OpenRadioss 3: Fluid Structure Interaction 
  • 16:15 - 17:00 | OpenRadioss 4: HPC & Performance 

Register Here

OpenRadioss Presentations

Did you miss Altair’s Future.Industry 2022? Catch up on presentations from OpenRadioss Community members:


Building an Open Source Community – OpenRadioss, by Marian Bulla, community manager, OpenRadioss 


Modeling Failure and Short Circuit of Lithium-ion Batteries Under Mechanical Abusive Loads by Dr. Elham Sahraei, associate professor and director of the electric vehicle safety lab at Temple University 

Development of an eVTOL Finite Element Model for Structural Design, Validation, and Optimization, Focusing on Passive Safety / Lukas Laarmann, research associate, Automotive Laboratory FH Aarchen 

Meet the Community

Marian Bulla | OpenRadioss Community Manager

Based in Germany, Marian brings us his extensive experience of testing and simulation in the nonlinear domain (Radioss) for more than 20 years. Starting his professional carrier at the Fraunhofer research institute, he moved on to companies working in the automotive industry for several years. With 14 years at Altair, working on training in explicit simulations and advanced materials, Marian became director of OpenRadioss community in 2022. 


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Meet more of the community here.

News from GitHub

Take a look at OpenRadioss Community activities, threads, blogs, and join the discussions.

  • USER subroutines: Enables the use of external, dynamic linked libraries with OpenRadioss  
  • Windows (native): Possible to compile an OpenRadioss executable version running natively within Microsoft Windows OS.  
  • Container (CIQ / Aptainer)  
  • Google Collab 
  • Improved wording of OpenRadioss output messages (Infos, Warnings and Errors) 

Calls for help:  

  • Share and contribute new developments in OpenRadioss, code, models, example use cases  
  • Help to expand pre- and post-processing capabilities with OpenRadioss 

Exchange ideas. Explore new possibilities.

Join our community today.

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