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September 2023 Edition



Has it only been one year since we launched OpenRadioss? We have all come so far and so fast! 

Downloads of the open-source code started within minutes of launch. With our ever-expanding worldwide OpenRadioss Community, today it means that OpenRadioss is now not only being used but being enhanced and adapted to meet a variety of diverse needs across industry and academia. 

At two very successful user events (Paris 2022, Aachen 2023), our community members were very keen to not only present but freely discuss their projects and seek the expertise of others. This was the vision we had a year ago, and now many others have discovered the benefits of being part of an active open-source software Community. 

Thank you everyone who have already contributed and supported our efforts in many ways – especially our Host and Sponsors for the Aachen event. We have a couple of announcements about how we are continuing to spread the OpenRadioss name wider, but more about that later!  

- Marian Bulla | OpenRadioss Community Manager







Users' Day 2023 Aachen, Germany

OpenRadioss Users' Day | June 27th, 2023


If you missed the event or wish to refresh your memory, the technical presentations are now available here.


We thank our generous sponsors:



Introducing the OpenRadioss Steering Committee

OpenRadioss Steering Committee


By bringing together leading experts from Academia and Industry, our recently established OpenRadioss Steering Committee are helping shape the future direction of OpenRadioss, align its priorities with industry challenges, and widely-promote the project and its benefits. 


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Meet the Community

Paul Sharp | OpenRadioss Doc Guru




Successful software relies on up-to-date, accurate information be it on the website, in the technical and user documentation systems, etc.


With 20+ years of experience on the front-line, solving application problems for users, Paul has not only contributed many GUI enhancements to OpenRadioss, but is the go-to-guy for OpenRadioss documentation. Not forgetting that if it’s on the website, then Paul put it there.

News from GitHub

Take a look at OpenRadioss Community activities, threads, blogs, and join the discussions.

Introducing OpenRadioss ModelExchange, a new repository dedicated to sharing OpenRadioss input decks, examples and components to be included in OpenRadioss Decks:  

  • Components / for all types of components. 
  • Examples / for models and large HPC benchmarks.  
  • Safety / models to add to input decks, e.g. dummies. 
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OpenRadioss Documentation

Check out the OpenRadioss documentation platform.


Some latest updates:

  • Latest GUI scripts (Hotaosa, Paul)
  • Python/TK GUIs for job submission, anim-vtk conversion and T01-csv conversion
  • Simplified Downloading and Running OpenRadioss SMP and MPI under Linux and Windows
OpenRadioss Community Now on YouTube!

To celebrate the first anniversary, we have launched an OpenRadioss Community YouTube channel dedicated to technical content centered around How-Tos, tips and tricks, workflows, etc. We welcome your suggestions for new content!


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