Webinar Series: Optimising High Performance Computing in the Cloud

Strategies for Efficient On-Demand Computing

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In this webinar series, Altair experts discuss how to migrate production High Performance Computing (HPC) workloads to the cloud in a thoroughly planned and business efficient manner.  

Who should watch the webinars?

  • C-level company officials, possibly facing HPC availability constrains and considering adoption of HPC in the cloud.
  • IT Directors in organisations using HPC and seeking optimisation of compute resource availability.
  • Engineering leaders of teams using high-end computing resources for modelling and simulation work.
  • Managers of AI/ML development teams who need infrequent access to large, specialised compute resources to train and develop deep learning, large language and other compute intensive models.
  • Banking and financial services managers of daily risk, compliance and other large volume workloads that have to run infrequently in limited time frames.

Why should you watch the webinars?

Whether you've made the decision to test run your HPC workloads in the cloud or to immediately move production workloads to the cloud, there are several finer points to consider to ensure a successful outcome of your decision.  

We discuss the most important of these considerations in three webinars:

  1. Selecting the correct vendor for HPC in the cloud.  Or not.  We describe how multi-cloud strategies can provide great value and efficiency.

  2. Tuning your cloud bursting strategy for cost and availability efficiency. We consider how to optimise an automated cloud-bursting process.

Confidently into the cloud

Altair HPC experts will discuss in this webinar series a couple of key strategic decisions and preparation steps that you should undertake before taking your first steps to the cloud:

  • Multi-cloud HPC deployments: Keep your options open to select appropriate cloud HPC suppliers depending on various factors, incl. workload type, pricing, location of data centres, etc.
  • Automated cloud-bursting strategies: Spinning compute nodes up/down depending on business requirements and restrictions offer cost optimisation potential. Understanding strategies for automating this process is key to cost-efficient HPC in the cloud.

Webinar Series Sessions


Multi-cloud HPC Deployments: Strategies and Benefits

Fritz Ferstl,
Video on Demand

Using multiple cloud vendors for HPC offers enhanced performance, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. This session proposes strategic approaches that maximise these computing benefits and capabilities, minimise risks, and keeps organisations at the forefront of technological advancements.


Automated HPC Cloud Bursting Strategies: Guidelines for Spinning Up/Down Nodes

Ian Littlewood,
Video on Demand

Workloads that are suitable to execution in the cloud have widely varying demands on when or how quickly the compute resources need to be available. This session offers guidelines on how to automate spinning up or down of HPC nodes in the cloud in a manner optimal to workloads in your organisation.


Fritz Ferstl

Fritz Ferstl

Senior VP, Software Development Enterprise Computing


Ian Littlewood

Ian Littlewood

Senior Director, Product Manager for Cloud Software Solutions


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